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What to expect in a home inspection

Are you wondering if that dip in the foundation is supposed to be there? Are you perplexed by the puddles in your basement after a rain?

As a homeowner, there is nothing more important than comfort and knowledge. In order to help you understand what is involved in a home inspection, below we have provided a list of items which are checked for good condition.
Please remember that nothing replaces hiring a professional licensed service like General Property Inspections to actually inspect your home, but here are 15 things you can inspect yourself in order to ensure that your home is safe and prepared for its next professional inspection:

• Proper drainage away from house
• No evidence of rotted wood on exterior structures
• Railings are secure
• Sides of house are not bowed or sagging
• No stains on exterior surfaces
• Windows are insulated and cracks are caulked
• No damaged or missing shingles
• Clear gutters
• Adequate ventilation in house
• Working outlets in each room
• Adequate insulation in walls
• No leaks in pipes under sinks
• No excessive rust
• Sinks and showers drain properly
• No evidence of insect damage

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